JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

Top-selling Jira Workflow automation app für grosse Unternehmen seit 2009 mit 13M-Benutzern

JSU automatisiert Jira-Workflows mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit und ohne notwendige Programmierung.


Von beecom, Atlassian Top Vendor und Platinum Partner seit 17 Jahren, bietet Dir JSU neue, einfach zu konfigurierende Workflow-Bedingungen, Validators und Postfunktionen.

JSU Automation Suite

Automatisiere sich wiederholende Aufgaben

Ähnliche und sich wiederholende Aufgaben werden von der JSU übernommen, um Zeit und Energie zu sparen.

JSU Automation Suite

Aufrechterhaltung der Datenkonsistenz über alle verwandten Themen hinweg

Die Dateneingaben zu verwandten Themen werden synchronisiert, um den Aufwand zu vermeiden, die Konsistenz manuell sicherzustellen.

JSU Automation Suite

Konfigurieren von Workflows ohne Programmierung

Die übersichtliche Benutzeroberfläche erübrigt langwierige Codierungen und zeitaufwändige Tests, Debugging und Fehlerbehebung.


  • Benutzer ist in beliebigen Gruppen
  • Benutzer ist in allen Rollen vorhanden
  • Benutzer ist im benutzerdefinierten Feld
  • Bestimmter Wert im System- oder Benutzerfeld
  • JQL-Bedingung

Post functions:

  • Verknüpfte Ausgabe erstellen
  • Übergang zu verbundenen Themen
  • Nachbereitung des Übergangs
  • Wert aus anderem Feld kopieren
  • Aktualisieren eines beliebigen Feldes
  • Ein beliebiges Feld löschen
  • Viele flexible Voraussetzungen für Postfunktionen
  • Post-Funktionen können auf verwandte Themen wie verknüpfte Themen, Teilaufgaben/Eltern, Probleme im Epic-Bereich oder sogar von JQL gefunden werden.


  • Pflichtfelder, Pflichtfelder
  • Status der verknüpften Themen
  • Datumsvergleich
  • Datumsausdruck vergleichen
  • Datum innerhalb des Bereichs
  • Prüfung auf reguläre Ausdrücke

JSU around the globe

JSU Automation Suite Jira workflow

JSU Anwendungsbeispiele

Meistgenutzte App für Jira

JSU ist mit ca. 20’000 aktiven Installationen eine der meistgenutzten JIRA-Applikationen der Welt.
Die Benutzer profitieren von erweiterten Funktionen, die ihnen helfen, effizienter zusammenzuarbeiten.

JSU Partners

Beecom has been the leading Platinum Atlassian partner in Switzerland for 15 years. For various Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.) we develop innovative apps for our customers from all industries of different team sizes. These include well-known companies such as Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Electronic Arts, Ferrari, Oracle, Cisco, Boeing and Adidas. JSU from us is one of the most used Jira apps in the world!

Actonic is an agile IT consulting company. We accompany our customers from digitalization to digital transformation. Our solutions for building efficient IT infrastructures, process optimization and our products are based on the most advanced technologies and offer customers real added value.

Atlas Authority is a specialized consulting company. We deliver immediate business results through our deep technical expertise around complex environments. Clients worldwide trust Atlas Authority and their staff of former Atlassians to implement, support and maintain their critical applications.

Miracle help companies and organizations of all sizes reach their full potential with Atlassian. We have a keen understanding on how to incorporate the end user needs into the framework of Best Pratice Atlassian methodologies, and how to ensure that your organization best benefits from each product.


venITure is an IT consulting & software development company with its HQ in Germany. As Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner they provide qualified solutions for the entire Atlassian product portfolio to businesses of all sizes and industries. By creating innovative solutions and ideas, they support companies to actively meet the challenges of digital transformation. In addition venITure is an expert in the areas of agile software development and software quality assurance.

Ricksoft Co., Ltd. is one of the top Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Japan. Our companies are authorized with high training and provide the Atlassian products /High-Quality services worldwide. We are one of the few certificated ‘Enterprise’ partners by Atlassian’s in Japan. Ricksoft group has a stable business base on Atlassian products and services, also providing a sophisticated expert technic for your various requirements.

As a services company, we are heavily involved in the day to day operations with our customers, helping them to use Atlassian tools as effectively as possible. Our customers‘ needs also turn us to create products – Table Grid for Jira, Pivot Gadget, and Exalate.

Riada has been in business since 2005, delivering awesome software and high value professional services to a wide range of industries. With 2500+ customers, we’re changing how organisations work with the things that matters most to them – their assets.

Infosysta is a multi-national Software Integrator & Software Provider specialized in the Agile Digital Transformation. Through strategic partnership with Atlassian, they provide high-grade quality expertise and services along with solutions suitable for Agile & Digital Transformation in an enterprise environment. Infosysta is a leader in various business solutions, like Agile Project Management, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), IT Service Management & Service Desk (ITSM), DevOps, Release Management, Demand Management, Task Management and much more.

Adaptavist is a leading global Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, supporting more than half of the Fortune 500. Offering the complete solution from strategic review, managed services and a leading array of products all focussed on delivering the most value from your Atlassian platform, they make application lifecycle management work. Whether you want training for your team, to build a platform for your organisation or automate your existing tooling, Adaptavist can help you.

Twybee is an Atlassian Solution Partner based in Lyon, France. Our certified consultants have more than 10 years experience and can help your team implement Atlassian solutions, from requirements specification to installation, configuration and training.


Akeles is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Singapore. We have over 25 apps listed in the Atlassian Marketplace. With in-depth knowledge in Atlassian products and a strong network with the Atlassian ecosystem, we are able to help customers to maximize the potential of Jira and Confluence.

Deviniti delivers reliable, high-performance solutions that provide significant business value to over 5 million customers in 103 countries. We have helped more than 5000 companies optimize their business processes, for example, Ferrari, Warner Bros, Apple and NASA. As an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner and a Platinum Top Vendor in the Ecosystem, we develop a suite of apps for Atlassian products that are used all over the globe. Our solutions improve customer and agent experience in Jira Service Desk, let teams work faster and easier in Jira Software, and enable putting requirements and software tests right inside the Atlassian suite.

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