NEW JSU feature – Calculated Fields

Calculated fields by JSU is the latest addition to the list of customization features of JSU for Jira Cloud!

Add calculated fields into your Jira Cloud projects with JSU and automatically calculate number values in your projects and related issues.  

The data in a calculation field is the result of a formula that you specify. As long as it is a numerical value, JSU can create a calculation for it. Save time and brain power by simply automating what you used to manually compute in multiple issues. 

Example use case

Calculating numerical variables can apply to so many everyday situations. So, to work on a common business case, imagine you are the Manager of Sandy’s pie shop. Next week, it’s March 14th and you want to run a promotion for your customers to celebrate „Pi day“ with a „Pi discount“.

Calculated Fields by JSU will help you automatically compute the discounted price you can offer to your customers, your forecasted net revenue and the forecasted number of pies you will sell assuming your promotion will attract 30% more customers than on a normal weekday.

Create an issue for your favourite pie flavor and start calculating!

How to configure this workflow

Step 1

Following the Jira instructions through your project settings, set up custom fields for your Pie project. Create a custom field for the average pies sold on a normal weekday.

Do the same to create a field for the net price of the pies you are selling.

Go to your issue and add values for the 2 custom fields you just created. Assume that you sell 80 pies per day on average, on the net price of $10 each.

Step 2

On the top navigation menu, switch to the „apps“ tab and click on the „manage your apps“ option to access the Calculated Fields configuration.

Calculated Fields is configured under JSU for Jira Cloud. To get started with your calculations, simply click on the „create new field“ button at the center of your screen.

Step 3

First, we will calculate the Forecasted number of pies to be sold per day, assuming the promotion will attract 30% more customers.

Name your field and start typing the formula using Jira fields, numbers and mathematical expressions.

Click on the drop-down menu and select the field Avg. Continue your formula by adding the multiplied by 30% (0.30) Avg number of pies sold per day based on our criteria.

Make sure you select the project you want your calculated field to appear and at the bottom of the window click „create“.

Step 4

Create formulas for the other 2 fields you would like to calculate – the discounted price per pie (incl. Sales Tax or VAT) and your forecasted net revenue based on the forecasted number of pies sold and the discounted price per pie.

Now go to your issue and check what you have achieved with calculated fields by JSU.

Step 5

Your calculated fields are up and running with simple calculations and no coding necessary.

Test them by changing the value of your custom fields. Refresh and watch their real time action!

How to video

Watch this video to see all of this in action:

This was only a bit of JSU in action. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Access more JSU use cases.
See also the app documentation for some more examples and configuration screenshots.

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