Control users‘ permissions with a click

JSU for Jira Cloud 2.3.0 is here!

We know that you’ve been encountering issues with user permissions during your transitions, that’s why we decided to include more user-related features in our product and take it a step closer to what’s available in JSU for Jira Server and Data Center.

Our new updates will get you out of the maze with a new JSU condition and a post function feature.

Post function feature

Our popular „Perform as user“ feature allows you to execute a post function as another user. With JSU for Jira Cloud 2.3.0, this feature is now available for the following JSU post-functions: Copy value from other field, Update any issue field, Create a linked issue, Linked transition.

New condition

With the „User Is In Any Users“ condition, you can specify which users can see the transition. Configure this condition with the same user as in the „performed as user“ post function to enforce automations.

Excited about what’s new in JSU for Jira Cloud? Check out the JSU documentation for more details on the condition and post function configuration.