JSU on Bob’s Friday Favourites

What do all of us efficiency-loving admins and power users have in common? We focus on what’s important and automate the rest.

Today’s Friday Favorite is dedicated to those who are always looking to up productivity by automating and customizing Jira workflows.

Evelyn shared her Jira workflow automation use case with JSU on Bob’s Friday Favourites!

While Jira comes with some out-of-the-box workflow customization functionality, it doesn’t accommodate truly tailored workflows. 

JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows is a robust workflow automation and customization app trusted by thousands of teams looking to scale their Jira instances. This workflow wonder, and its creator Beecom Products, has recently become part of the  Appfire family.

Evelyn, a lead developer and Jira admin at a large healthcare company, illustrates the power of JSU by sharing her story.

Evelyn’s story

Evelyn used to lose time keeping up with the state of parent issues in Jira. When her team completed all of the issue’s subtasks, Evelyn had to manually change the parent to „Done.“

She found a way to save time by automating the workflow to match her team’s process. Evelyn used JSU’s „Linked transition“ post-function to change the status of the parent issue to „Done“ once all sub-tasks under the parent issue were marked „Done.“ The best part? The app’s easy-to-use interface allowed her to quickly configure the workflow without any custom code or scripting.

Encouraged by the time savings, Evelyn went on to customize her team’s workflows with other conditions, validators, and post-functions. For instance, she used the „Fields required“ validator to ensure that every issue has an owner and a due date, thereby keeping the team on-time and on-task.


If Evelyn’s success story inspires you to make your workflows work better for you, take a look at more JSU use cases!