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Following the acquisition of Beecom Products by Appfire, our Zurich office will become Appfire’s European headquarters for innovation.  Beecom Products creates apps and tools that boost the collaboration and productivity of teams worldwide. We are proud of our diverse team of Atlassian experts, who are passionate about innovation and making our customers’ lives easier. 

Our goal is to triple our team in the next 3 years. As we grow rapidly alongside Atlassian, our search for the best talent in business and technology in Switzerland is on! 

If you  want to make an impact by creating products that enable the future of work and would like to be part of a flourishing company, we want to hear from you. Visit our careers page here.

Team beecom

An innovation hub

We are situated at the heart of Zurich, a European innovation hotspot abuzz with many great technology companies and research labs including Google, Facebook, and IBM. 

Zurich has consistently ranked Mercer’s report as one of the top three most livable cities in the world. Its high quality of life, multilingual environment, excellent infrastructure and transport links, proximity to world-renowned research institutions, and generous tax programs make it a good place to work. 

Join us in this bustling city that’s conducive and committed to pushing forward new business ideas and digital technologies.

Creative thinkers

Recognized as the winner of Atlassian’s Think Different Award, we welcome and encourage fresh ideas and approaches. If you are a creative thinker and problem solver, you will definitely enjoy working with our team of motivated, bold, and fun-loving individuals!

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We are now building an amazing team of developers, engineers, marketers, and data analysts. 

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“I was the first board member in Beecom Worldwebforum AG and have supported the Worldwebforum to get started 5 years ago, because I am a fan of Beecom’s approach to radical Swiss entrepreneurship and innovation. I’m very happy to see that Fabian and the Beecom team continue to innovate and and grow fast, attracting investment from US technology investors to grow the team further and establishing an innovation centre in Zurich. It is sure to be an exciting journey, and I congratulate the team for achieving this milestone.”

Ruedi Noser

Council of State and Cantonal representative of Zurich