Set required fields on your issues – JSU use case

Are you in a team of Software Developers preparing for your next software release?

Managing the Jira tasks of your team members according to the plan is crucial!

Set up the JSU validator ‘Fields required’ and automate your workflows.

How to configure this workflow

Step 1

Go to your project settings and click to edit your workflow.

You can choose any transition you want to add your validator. In this case we will choose the ‘In progress’ transition.

Go to the validators tab, click to add validator and then choose the ‘Fields required’ validator from JSU. Finally, click ‘Add’

Step 2

Now you can configure your validator.

Choose the fields you want to be mandatory during your transition and click ‘Add’. Here, we selected ‘Assignee’ and ‘Due date’.

Publish your workflow and start setting up a ‘Software release’ issue for your team.

Step 3

Fill out the issue summary for your release and just click ‘Create’.

Now, turn your issue in progress. Jira shows you an error message! As you have configured in your validator, Assignee and Due date are required fields to perform this transition.

Add and assignee, set a due date for your software release and check your automation by putting your issue in progress again. Now, it works!

How to video

Watch this video to see all of this in action:

This was only a bit of JSU in action. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and access more JSU use cases.
See also the app documentation for some more examples and configuration screenshots.

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