Server to Cloud Migration Customer Story

The Swiss property market is thriving with low occupancy rates and fierce competition when it comes to renting or buying real estate.

The aim of is to help people find a new home and to make sales and rental processes in the digital world more efficient, 24/7 via their site that is visited 9 million times a month. beecom has been busy helping the largest real estate portal in Switzerland operate faster and better.

Read on about experience with beecom in migrating their data from Server to Cloud.


Featured on the Atlassian website

Client is the largest real estate portal in Switzerland and one of the leading Swiss digital companies with more than 100,000 properties currently on offer, 9 million visits and over 200 million page views each month. is part of the Swiss media group Tamedia AG, and another shareholder is the Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Location has its headquarters in Zurich and on office in Lausanne.

Company size

120 employees

Products experts work in the areas of digital real estate marketing and financing, product and website development, database management, and sales and marketing. Together with the Zürcher Kantonalbank, offers an online mortgage available everywhere in Switzerland.

Challenge needed to migrate their data from Server to Cloud to save on costs, resources, maintenance and gain easy access to their central information system.


As Pre-Migration work, the beecom team, headed by Maurice Ray, assessed the project and installed Add-on Clean Up to get rid of add-ons that are not available on the Atlassian Cloud. He also conducted a partial migration as a proof of concept to validate the process.

Maurice then provided with Atlassian Access, a centralized identity and security system across Jira and Confluence.

Secure identity management and single sign-on have also been implemented so employees, partners, and customers are authenticated by Okta.

Users were also renamed from SamAccountName (LDAP Attribute) to the user’s Email address as Username. Duplicate User Accounts were also merged.

Lastly, a “cloud” export from Jira for upload to the Atlassian Cloud was processed. Confluence was also migrated with the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant Addon.

Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant is an app that helps you easily move content, users, and groups from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud. Built and maintained by Atlassian, the app is free to install and use.

With the app, you can choose what you want to move to the cloud, start migrating at your convenience, and monitor the progress of everything throughout the migration process.

When to use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

  • When you want to move users or data from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud.
  • When you want to run a test or trial migration from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud.
  • When the Atlassian Support team has recommended using the app.

The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant will not work for Jira products. deployed the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant in consultation with beecom.


The server to cloud migration allowed to reduce costs by as much as 15%, save on resources, and optimize access and on-boarding of new users. The Product Migration was completed within 24 hours with no down-time.

“The server to cloud migration facilitated by beecom was fast and seamless. We value beecom’s extensive expertise and experience in handling projects like this. It was a pleasure to work with Maurice and his team.”

Peter Grube
Software Engineer,

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