Beecom Products Early Access Program

The Beecom Products’ Early Access Program (EAP) is your key to enjoying sneak peeks into the latest beta features, functionality, and user experience of our products ahead of anyone else.

JSU Early Access Program - Beecom Products (an Appfire company)

What’s in it for you

Get behind the velvet ropes and see what happens backstage as we develop our products. Influence where we steer our product roadmap and strategy. And most importantly, get rewarded when you share your feedback. 

Our surprise prizes range from Amazon vouchers, SWAG, invitations to events, and even contributions to your favorite charity under your name. The more feedback you share, the more chances of getting these cool prizes!

How it works

As part of our EAP, you will be sent advance notifications about product concepts, new releases, and new features. You will get the chance to try them out before they are finalized and released to the public. 

Help us learn more about how you use JSU and other products by participating in our research studies that include interviews, usability testing, surveys, and more.


Every study is different but the flow will follow this format:


You will receive an invitation for each testing via email.


You will test the product feature and user journey with a facilitator from our team.


Your feedback will be gathered real-time and post-testing via a Slack channel exclusive to program members.


Once you’ve completed a test successfully, we will send you your prize.

How to join

Profile of an ideal EAP member

  • Jira Cloud user
  • Deals with workflows, project management, reporting to stakeholders and/or making life easier for distributed teams
  • Eager and determined to contribute to the future of work