We get it. 

You’re a Jira administrator, new on the job and the feeling of not seeing every Jira instance in your organization frustrates you. 

You’re an experienced Jira administrator but there are so many of you in the organization that it would be a pain for you to synchronize all instances from each team administrator.

You are a manager without much technical know-how and to not have eyes on all Jira instances your teammates are working on, especially with remote ones, is stressing you out.

Sometimes, Jira administrators and managers- both new and experienced ones, just want to have a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening to organize, plan, and decide better. 

From the Creators of JSU 

From beecom, the creators of JSU, the top selling Jira workflow automation app for large companies, comes FED- Federation for Jira. 


FED allows you to view and use multiple Jira instances from one driver’s seat. 

FED in action

The days of distracting window-switching just to get a full-view of issues are now over with FED.

Once you have installed FED in your Jira Server or Data Center instance, you can already collect and combine data from multiple remote Cloud and Server Jiras without tedious and error-prone synchronisation. It saves you from the manual, fiddly, long, and costly process of synchronising all Jira instances.

To synchronize and migrate all Jira instances could take days, many mistakes, and overlaps. FED simply consolidates all instances in one view to give you eyes on all of the instances you’d wish to see in your organization.

Using search filters, you may create a FEDeral view of your multiple Jira instances, regardless of where they are hosted.

Federation for Jira

No need to switch to different Jira instances.

No need to migrate.

No need to implement confusing synchronization technologies.

Imagine the convenience of a streamlined cockpit that shows you all of your Jira issues.