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Project Portfolio Management

Senior leaders manage the strategic implementation and monitoring of project investments by aligning corporate goals and strategies. With PPM, you can centrally manage the processes and methods of project managers and project management offices. PPM helps you plan project scope, resources, and milestones to achieve operational and financial goals.

Company challenges

Not to be confused with project management, project portfolio management examines which projects it should be involved in and how it finances them, depending on whether they support the company’s objectives or not.

Managing multiple projects can be difficult, especially when different projects are linked in terms of budget and resources.

These are common questions and problems that project portfolio management could solve:

  • How to ensure that good decisions are made
  • How do you know that you are concentrating on the right project?
  • How to ensure that you distribute jobs efficiently.
  • How to make the project profitable

beecom solution

We support you in the implementation of PPM by working with you to develop a solution that is optimally tailored to the goals of your company.

  • Manage workload, resources and deadlines at project level
  • Aggregate them into one or more project portfolios
  • Use modern software tools to enable efficient and effective collaboration for all parties involved

Our team members are qualified executives who have been trained for decades to master execution alignment with your business strategy and help you simplify time and task management.

“We have helped many teams manage their projects successfully with the best Atlassian PPM tools.”

Claudio Ombrella, COO, beecom

PPM benefits

PPM tools support you in the following activities:

  • Development of a clear strategy and its implementation
  • Manage resources
  • Minimization of manual effort
  • budget planning
  • Provide reliable reporting and analysis
  • Control return on investment for each project and across projects
  • Easy adaptation to changes with minimal risk and damage

Why beecom

Many companies face problems in structuring and planning their projects. PPM tools work as centralized management that improves processes from strategy building through risk definition to ROI success.

beecom AG, a full-service digital solutions company based in Zurich, Switzerland, has implemented hundreds of Atlassian projects. We can draw on experience and suitable tools such as Jira Portfolio, BigPicture Enterprise or Structure for PPM deployment.

We have been an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner since 2004, one of the first and largest in the world. beecom is also founder of the Worldwebforum, the annual conference for global business and digital transformation that brings together some of the world’s leading minds on cultural change and leadership with the mission to enable radical change through innovation.


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