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IT Service Management (ITSM) is the process of designing, deploying, managing and improving the IT services that an organization provides to its end users. ITSM focuses on aligning IT processes and services with business objectives to support the growth of your business.

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework of best practices for delivering IT services. ITIL’s systematic approach to IT service management can help organizations manage risk, strengthen customer relationships, adopt cost-effective practices, and build a robust IT environment that enables growth, scalability, and change.

Today, IT should no longer just fix problems, but provide the best possible service. While many IT teams are still struggling with the new challenges, successful IT teams are already coordinating with the business teams, using agile and automation, and driving digitalization. How is your team doing?

Company challenges

ITSM will optimize processes, relieve bottle necks, and solve complex challenges such as: 

  • Dealing with complicated workflows and putting additional manual effort
  • Accommodating too many service desk phone calls which stress out service agents
  • Arranging inefficienct processes which causes delays
  • Missing out on requests lost in personal email accounts
  • Collaborating within a team or amongst different departments
  • Controlling employees’ constantly evolving jobs and workload

beecom solution

We’ve spent 20 years identifying and diagnosing company challenges and our extensive experience has sharpened our expertise in creating solutions exclusively tailor-fit to address your company’s and your customers’ needs.

We offer top-notch bespoke ITSM planning and implementation.

Create and control the experience of your customers and manage your IT team more efficiently with our ITIL practices & recommendations. Ensure transparency and productivity with a carefully-designed ITSM.

“At beecom, we make sure our clients save time, money, and energy, by providing them with ITIL practices combined with the best Atlassian ITSM tools.”

Richard Bergmann, Head of Solution Design, beecom

ITSM benefits

Do you want your regular processes to have more structure? Do you need to optimize your decision-making processes? Do you want to ultimately save money? ITSM can make all of that happen and more with the help of powerful software and tools:

  • Manage IT service and support requests with Jira Service Management
  • Update, develop, and manage operations & reports with OpsGenie
  • Connect your teams, plan your projects, and communicate effectively with Jira Software

Successful IT teams

IT teams have to work unconventionally to be successful in the competition and the secret of successful IT teams lies on 5 different factors:

Focus on business

IT teams that coordinate with the business teams prioritize projects together with company management with a 30% higher probability and measure their success with a 2 times higher probability using a business and IT scorecard.

Optimal use of technology

Successful IT teams are 2 times more likely to have a written and published plan for digitisation. 46% of these organizations get higher ROI on technology.

Accelerate work processes

Fast processes can only be achieved with the right methods. 18% of the successful teams are more likely to use agile methods and 15% of the successful teams are more likely to use DevOps.

Focus on customers

Customers are a top priority for successful teams. 100% of the successful teams measure customer satisfaction

Proactive action

Successful teams don’t waste time troubleshooting and routine work. They use automation and eliminate the causes of errors. 69% of the teams state that automation has increased in the past two years.

Why beecom

At the core of our IT service teams is our genuine effort to address and focus on customers’ needs. Our ITSM practices have been helping companies meet the communication needs of both users and IT employees to satisfy business objectives.

Our company, beecom AG is a full-service digital solutions company based in Zürich, Switzerland. We have been a platinum Atlassian partner since 2004, one of the first and largest worldwide. beecom is also the founder of Worldwebforum, the annual conference of global business and digital transformation which brings together some of the world’s leading minds on cultural change and leadership with a mission of empowering radical change through innovation.


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