Atlassian shifts gears into the future

Atlassian accelerates its journey to being a cloud-first company, a move that was already in the works since 2007.

Moving to a cloud future, together.

On the 16th of October 2020, Atlassian announced its server exit. In the future, its products will only be available in the cloud or – for customers who still prefer an on-premise solution – for data centers. Atlassian is thus completely switching to a subscription model. Think Netflix, Spotify and Adobe.

Atlassian has long been promoting the goal of “moving together into a cloud future”. Moving to the cloud means that teams modernize their collaboration in a world-class infrastructure, protect their data with a sophisticated security system, and devote their time and resources to work that adds value.

For customers who think it is still too early to migrate their instances to the cloud, there is still the option of extending existing server licenses until February 2, 2024. In addition to the cloud, data centers will continue to be available as an on-premise solution. The functional scope of Data Center will also be expanded.

Although these changes will strengthen our customers’ collaboration in the long term, they require a demanding change in the short term. Rest assured, beecom will actively support its customers in the upcoming digital transformation.


What this means to beecom customers:

  • Atlassian will no longer offer new server licenses from February 2, 2021.
  • Existing server customers can increase or decrease the number of users in their instances until February 2, 2022.
  • Until February 2, 2023, new applications can be obtained from Marketplace Vendors for existing server instances.
  • Existing server customers are advised to switch to Data Center or Cloud before February 2, 2024.
  • The range of services for data center licenses will be expanded and prices will increase from February 2, 2021.
  • New Atlassian customers have the choice between data center or cloud.

What this means to Beecom Products users:

JSU and other Beecom Products users, regardless of which instance they decide to move to, are welcome to seek for help and ask questions through our JSU Service Desk.

    • Yes, moving from JSU Server to Data Center is simple and all workflows will stay in place.
    • Yes, for teams with less than 500 users who don’t want to move to Cloud, JSU for Jira Data Center is also an option. Our support team is happy to provide further details though our Service Desk.
    • Yes, JSU for Jira Cloud is security-certified by Atlassian and enjoys 99% feature parity with our on-premise product so there’ll be no missing out on favorite JSU features on your Server instance.
    • Yes, Atlassian offers loyalty discounts for migrations to Cloud or Data Center and free Cloud trials.

Fast-track your move

The beecom team of experts is ready to plan and implement their journey into the digital future with its customers.

In order to find the right solution for our customers and to ensure a smooth transition, Atlassian offers us the opportunity to extend existing server plans for a further 3 years until February 2, 2024. So there is enough time to plan and implement the digital change with our customers.

We understand that the announcement affects a large proportion of existing Atlassian users, and our team of experts is ready and well trained to guide them successfully through the switch from server to cloud or data center. Together we will create a roadmap, define project milestones and carry out the implementation.

As this is not an easy decision to make, our beecom team will guide clients through this crucial decision-making process. When clients are ready to move, we can help with the transition to the cloud with trials, setup, configuration, and many other important steps to consider and take.

Points to ponder:

  • What are the feature differences of Server, Cloud, and Data Center?
  • How will customized add-ons work when we switch?
  • How do we implement automation?
  • What are the Cloud plans and which is the best for us: Standard/Premium or Enterprise?
  • What are multi or single nodes for Data Center?
  • How will GDPR come into play and affect us when we transition?
  • How long will migration take and what are the other disruptions we should anticipate?

As our beecom team has long been helping clients do the switch for years, we have developed expertise on this endeavor. Allow us to be right there with you as you shift gears into the future!

We are ready when you are.