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For all teams

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We offer Atlassian consulting, project support and technical service for Atlassian products, from A to Z.

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Project Management

It is normal to feel stressed when managing a project. Any project, large or small, can cause you emotional and even physical difficulties: did you encounter obstacles or did you exceed your budget when trying to complete your last project? Was time management and deadlines a challenge? Or if your recent initiative had gone well, would you find it difficult to repeat the same success? Discover how project management software can help you and your team stay on top of projects from start to finish.

Concept Package

The easiest entry into the Atlassian world: the Concept Package. With the right concept you make sure that you support your team to reach more and to realize its full potential. Based on our many years of project experience in Atlassian, we have put together a package to help any company develop the right collaboration plan.

System maintenance

Regular health checks are important so that problems never arise in your Atlassian applications. Our professional health checks will help you,

  • Understand your tools better and
  • to react proactively to problems.

Every company should check important systems at regular intervals.

  • Is your system scalable?
  • Will the next update be trouble-free?
  • Does your system meet the requirements of your employees?
  • Does your system meet security standards and best practices in terms of stability and maintainability?

Based on a detailed check-up, we check your system and the configuration of the Atlassian products and derive recommendations for action where necessary. In addition to the know-how of our experts with many years of experience, beecom AG also offers specific services (such as diagnostic plug-ins) developed by beecom AG.

Atlassian services
Atlassian services

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