Beecom Products has been acquired by Appfire

Since 2014, teams from around the world have relied upon the time-saving reliability and ingenuity of JSU’s custom workflows.

Thanks to our awesome JSU fans, we have been able to invest in delivering more great features, use cases and top-class support. Did you know that we have had 72 releases in 4 years!?

We are excited to continue growing to keep delivering awesome product solutions that solve your most pertinent challenges. By joining forces with Appfire, we have even more resources to fulfill that vision.


Why Appfire?

Appfire approached Beecom Products in early 2020 with a vision to form a portfolio of Atlassian products that would serve the majority of the whole Atlassian ecosystem. We were curious: do they share our vision for long-term, sustainable value for our customers?

Indeed, with a proven track record of scaling apps from portfolio companies like Bob Swift and Wittified; a complementary product portfolio; and support from a high-calibre leadership team that brings together the Atlassian and Salesforce ecosystem to grow high-performing products, Appfire’s investment into Beecom Products is one that will accelerate our growth and ability to further innovate and deliver value.

After months of collaboration, our co-founder Fabian Hediger and Appfire co-founder Randall Ward established that the two companies’ values, culture and vision were not only aligned, but complementary!

Beecom Co-founder Fabian Hediger describes the acquisition by Appfire:

“We’re thrilled to join Appfire – Randall, Mat and the Silversmith team have shared that they chose Beecom Products because we were friends in the ecosystem that they admired and wanted to work with. We have an awesome product, a wonderful team, and a reputation for creativity. When friends become family, the commitment to grow and achieve great things together naturally intensifies. As we scale up, under Appfire’s wing, so will our capabilities to develop products and experiences that are cherished by the members of the Atlassian ecosystem globally.

What does the news mean for our customers?

The JSU team will remain fully dedicated to our current product line and providing top-class support as members of the Appfire family. Our Swiss-engineered products and support will continue to to be top quality, and we look forward to offering our customers even more, mde possible by this partnership:

Here’s what you can expect from us in the coming months:

  • Better product experience.

    You’ll see many more improvements in JSU like a better in-app experience, easier product onboarding, added design and integration features, and extended functionality.

  • Faster velocity of improvements and new features.

    We’re really excited to accelerate all the cool stuff that we have on our roadmap. It’s full of tools that our users have asked for, plus some surprising extras that will make users think “how did I ever manage without this?”

  • Expanded customer support.

    Organizations work across time zones and with staggered schedules. We plan to enhance our support team, improve our documentation, and increase support hours. Our current support gets awesome reviews, so we can’t wait to extend this to make your experience even better.

  • Increased support for local partners.

    We know that Atlassian Solution Partners are a vital part of our customers’ success. We plan to invest in building stronger partner networks, providing more training and resources for partners, and creating a more robust support system for partners.

We are thrilled to enter this new phase for our team, partners and customers. It would not have been possible without our JSU fans and we want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your trust!

Rest assured that when it comes time to renew your Beecom Products licences, there won’t be any changes in the renewal process. Simply renew through the Atlassian marketplace or your Atlassian reseller.

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With JSU, the Beecom product team has developed one of the most trusted workflow wonders in the entire Atlassian ecosystem, and we have a shared passion for helping work flow within teams. With such a similarly long and impactful history of helping teams customize and scale their Jira instances, Beecom Products is a natural fit to join the Appfire portfolio of brands, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome their team into our family. This is our second major acquisition following our recent PE funding from Silversmith Capital Partners.

Randall Ward, CEO of Appfire 

“I was the first board member in Beecom Worldwebforum AG and have supported the Worldwebforum to get started 5 years ago, because I am a fan of Beecom’s approach to radical Swiss entrepreneurship and innovation. I’m very happy to see that Fabian and the Beecom team continue to innovate and and grow fast, attracting investment from US technology investors to grow the team further and establishing an innovation centre in Zurich. It is sure to be an exciting journey, and I congratulate the team for achieving this milestone.”

Ruedi Noser, Council of State and Cantonal representative of Zurich

For more information, read the full news release about this investment. And if you have any questions about your JSU, Language Switch or Federation for Jira apps, you can always contact our support teams.