Dig yourself out of the Jira swamp

The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

It happens all too often. You are a Jira Administrator, excited and eager to do great work in your new assignment, only to discover you have inherited a confusing and taxing “Jira Swamp”.

How do you dig yourself out of the mess? How do you prevent yourself from sinking too deep?

Rachel Wright comes to the rescue with her book “The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook”. She recommends installing the JSU app, for starters, to clean-up your workflows, with absolutely no need for coding.

Hear more about her Workbook and JSU experience here.



Rachel Wright is the Author of “The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook”

It’s about the strategy of using Jira if you’re first setting it up or digging yourself out of a “Jira swamp.” It covers governance, setting standards and policies, maintenance and upgrades. It is for any Jira administrator regardless of instant size, cloud, or server.


Rachel has inherited her own “Jira swamp” and needed an app to clean-up her workflows efficiently and with no scripting.

Solution & Results

She downloaded JSU which creates clear transition trails for her that makes approval tracking easier. It also has a custom field for edit or view which allows her to give users fool-proof instructions.

“I use JSU the most often!”

My two favorite use cases:

  1. When doing approvals in regular JIRA, create two fields: approver and approval for a great transition trail that appears in the UI instead of having to dig for who actually made the approval.
  2. Put custom field for edit/view on top of the JSU create screen and put a custom message that tells users exactly what you want them to do.
Rachel Wright

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