Copy/Set value fields with JSU

How could we make JSU even better? By delivering on our awesome JSU community’s most requested feature!

Introducing JSU’s new set of operations that lets you automate the creation of linked issues and copy and/or set field values at super speed with zero coding necessary.

JSU’s NEW set of operations can:

  1. Copy to new: Copy a field value from the origin issue to a new linked issue
  2. Copy within Origin: Copy the value from one field to another field within the origin issue, and
  3. Set: Set value of a field in a new linked issue

Check out how you can configure these operations in this How To video or read our use case example:

Visit the JSU documentation for more detailed information on the „Create a Linked Issue“ post-function and its new operations.

*The new operations are available for Server, Data Center and Cloud.